The iBIONICS Diamond Eye™ Works like a Retina


A diamond implant, surgically placed at the back of the eye, converts incoming laser light
(sent from custom smart video glasses) to electric pulses.

The iBIONICS Diamond Eye


Delivering functional central vision, image perception and increased patient independence

Diamond Material Implant Design


● Hundreds of individually controlled diamond electrodes
form coded electric pulses sent in the brain’s language

● Fine pulses, close together for increased data and sharpness

● Implant placement close to neurons for low signal loss

Future-proof Design:
One Surgery, a Lifetime of Upgrades
Converging Tech Compatible


New technologies simplify user learning of a new brain language, improve user experiences and simplify surgery.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

The iBIONICS Diamond Eye: A Visionary Solution


The iBIONICS Diamond Eye restores vision enabling the blind to regain autonomy, recognize faces and read large print. The iBIONICS Diamond Eye uses diamond electrodes to stimulate the retina, sending messages to the brain perceived as light. This leading technology designed to return autonomy and partial vision to the blind is supported by a state-of-the-art wireless solution for implantable bionic devices developed in Canada.

4 Key Benefits

High visual acuity and reliability

Cutting-edge patented nitrogen doped diamond electrode and diamond packaging technology

Wireless power harvesting and video data recovery in retinal implant

Less invasive, fast, safe surgery

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