The Diamond Eye™

Returning sight to blind people

The problem: By 2020, 200 million people will be facing degenerative retina conditions
The solution: The iBIONICS Diamond Eye


À propos d’iBIONICS


Diamond Implant Platform Advantages


  • Brain interface technology—multiple applications
  • Supports sophisticated brain language algorithms
  • Tiny implant with wireless power and data
  • Less invasive surgeries
  • Highly biocompatible and lasts a lifetime

Vision Application: The Diamond Eye Benefits


  • Functional vision—facial recognition
  • One surgery and a lifetime of software visual upgrades
  • 1- to 2-hour simple surgery under local anaesthetic

The Diamond Eye is currently under development with licensing opportunities available for other applications.



iBIONICS is an early stage medical tech company developing platform implant technology. The Diamond Eye will help blind people recognize the faces of their loved ones again.



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